More services

A car is recommended for more freedom as well as being the best way to explore all that Moorea has to offer. So, getting this discount is a service we bring to you, our hosts, by a collaboration designed to satisfy you.

Rental car :

Choosing to be one of our hosts you'll take advantage of a discount in a rental-car company, after your confirmed booking and for a stay from 4 nights rental in our bungalow.
At receipt of your deposit we'll give you the contact and the way to proceed to get this discount.
Respecting the indicated way to proceed it will permit you then to get a proposition from the rental company in the best delays and between 15 to 20% of discount depending of the availability (offer/demand) in the rental company.

Rental scooter and mountain bike:

If you prefer this means of transport, at receipt of your deposit we'll give you the contact of the concerned rental company. For any engine rental from 2 days it can be delivered at the bungalow with no extra-charge. The rental company will make sure of you experience on driving this type of engines (scooter or motorbikes).

Nota: At the moment you're doing your booking (deposit) we ask you to indicate us your choice of vehicle (car or scooter) so we'll communicate you the corresponding contact.

Diving :

Our scuba diving partner is able to organise your free pick-up with a prior boocking either for a First Dive, Exploration Dive or Courses.
In these two cases it will be necessary to bring your medical certificate for this sport (for the Club manager).
Warning of amateurs !.... or if you want to become one.